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Vestiage Announces Vitamin Shoppe Order For Regimen - Yahoo Finance

2014 is our year of establishing the RegiMEN brand at retailers in each retailer segment, and 2015 and 2016 will be the years we penetrate each segment of the retail market deeper and deeper. The national order comes as the Company is expanding its RegiMEN advertising to a national audience across multiple media channels including radio, television, magazine, newspaper and internet. The Companys recently launched the new RegiMEN website, www.RegiMENLIFE.com featuring a store locator function that will now include The Vitamin Shoppe locations for consumers to easily pinpoint the brick and mortar retail outlet nearest to them, that carries the product line. I am very excited that RegiMEN products will soon be available at The Vitamin Shoppe retail stores, said Laura Stall, National Vice President of Sales for Vestiage. We received our first order in early August and we look forward to growing with this dynamic and progressive retailer.
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Home & Family: Parenting, Education, Seniors + Green tips & help - KFDA - NewsChannel 10 / Amarillo News, Weather, Sports

Do you have a case of the motherhood blues? Motherhood is supposed to be a joy-filled journey -- or so the ads and Facebook memes tell us. So why does it seem as though our days are largely about nagging, supervising homework, changing diapers and shuttling kids to and from their activities? Check out these predictions on the hottest house accessories for the season. BeLuvv Guardian is a LoJack-like system for tracking small kids The Guardian is a small, tracking device to be worn by a child as a bracelet or necklace.
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