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The New World Of Anti-aging Dentistry - Yahoo News

This number included not just face lifts (126,000 procedures), nose jobs (243,000), eyelid fixer-uppers (204,000), and Botox (6.1 million and counting) but non-face work like breast augmentation (286,000 but down 7 percent from 2011) and liposuction (202,000 and also down). This week, with the release of a new book titled Anti-Aging Dentistry by a self-declared celebrity cosmetic dentist, there seems to be a new front-runner in the fight for the plastics empiredentists. *** READ MORE My Gay Dad/Mom Brain Even with body parts taken off ledger, there is undeniably a lot of dough in plastics. With this much money in the gamealmost all of it transacted on a cash-and-carry basisits no wonder that so many in the medical profession are working overtime to get their rightful share of the vanity pie. Because the best part of the vanity market is not its worth in todays currency, its the evergreen nature. After all, todays wrinkled patient is next decades re-wrinkled patient, ditto the heavy lids, not to mention the planned obsolescence of the Botox injection which loses its grip every 4 to 6 months and cries out for a re-do. Plus it is clear that plastic surgery is a gateway drug for those both so inclined and so well-heeled.
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